West Syd <3
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✦ Psamathe ✧ Oculus ✧ Neptune ✦

A little love letter for you: I make music because it has this funny ability to both break and mend my heart all at once. Simply put, it makes me feel alive. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

I feel lucky that my art so far, has led me to connect with some of the most beautiful and talented earth angels – I will always be so grateful for that. Huge thank you and love in particular to the Western Sydney community and to everyone else who have kindly supported so far. ♡

It’s been pretty wild and surreal and wherever the rushes take me, I hope it’s somewhere tender and beautiful.

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Wytchings is a project from Western Sydney artist, Jenny Trinh. Growing up, she would often be found in the art room, headphones on and doodling until the blank pages of her sketchbook were filled up. Those times with her head in the clouds always brought her comfort – she has always been enamoured by the teleportive nature of music.

In 2018, she participated in New Age Noise (formerly known as All Girl Electronic) where she explored electronic music production properly for the first time, creating dreamy, film-inspired sounds evoking that of space and water.

She has performed at a variety of shows from debuting at 2019’s ‘Club 4A’ to 2022’s ‘Essential Tremors’ curated by Liars’ Angus Andrew.

She has also been featured in publications such as VICE and Push Magazine, contributed to compilations by the likes of SYS Sister Sounds and New Weird Australia, and has reworked tracks by artists like Bluetung.

Furthermore, she has collaborated with a number of otherworldly artists like Red Rey, Saskia Ellis & Jada Narkle to create accompanying soundscapes for their movement pieces, which have been showcased during programs including Soft Centre, Sydney World Pride, Yirramboi Festival and Marrugeku. In addition to that, she has done original sound design for ‘Liquid Homelands’ as part of FBi Radio’s Race Matters program.

Her debut EP ‘Neptune’ was released in 2019 and her second EP, 'Oculus’ was released in winter 2020 via Lazy Thinking Records. The final chapter of her 'Neptune’ trilogy – 'Psamathe’ was released in spring 2022, and it features the single “Fata Morgana” which was nominated for 'Song of the Year’ at the FBi SMACs Awards 2022 and part of the Wettest 100.

In addition to her solo work as Wytchings, she is also in a band with her two longtime friends Kashif (Kash Bhai) & Zac (roomers): Heart Armour as well as Worlds Only, an intercontinental transient ambient group, featuring Alister Hill, Darren Lesaguis, Justin Tam (Tzekin), Reginald Harris & Thomas William Smith (T.Morimoto). <3


Psst! Some extra lil piece of history (okay maybe a whole good ol’ bunch of it hehehe) as well some ~diary entries~ about some of my work for you before you head off into the sunset! <3

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